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Viana Cosmetics have totally revolutionalised the cosmetic and beauty industry in Sri Lanka. From Eye liners to Lipstick from Foundation Sticks to Nail Polish, Viana’s fantastic range of cosmetics will take care of you from head to toe.

All Viana products have been approved by the CDDA, Ministry of Health Sri Lanka and adhere to the highest international GMP Standards in safety and quality.


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    All About Eyes

    Viana Cosmetics will help your eyes sparkle and captivate others and hold them spellbound

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    All About Face

    Viana Cosmetics soothes and nourishes the skin making it healthy and beautiful

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    All About Lips

    Viana Cosmetics makes your lips look shiny, succulent and gorgeous

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    All About Nails

    Viana Nail Polish adds that extra bit of sophistication to your hands

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    All About Hair

    Use Viana Cosmetics for non-sticky quick styling with super hold that lasts the whole day

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