Anti Dandruff & Purifying

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Reduces dandruff & helps hair growth. Moisturizes, purifies and promotes healthy scalp & hair.

Oily & Dandruff Prone Hair & Scalp

Volumizing, Anti inflammatory, Anti oxidant, Anti microbial, Moisturizing

Anti Dandruff & Purifying Pre Shampoo

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Anti Dandruff & Purifying Shampoo

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Anti Dandruff & Purifying Conditioner

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Anti Dandruff & Purifying Leave On

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Pre Shampoo: A Soothing treat before you shampoo with nourishing & moisturizing natural actives & oil
blend to promote healthy scalp & hair.
Size: 100ml

Shampoo: Viana Hair shampoos extends an ultra mild non drying efficient cleanse. Leaving a luxurious silky feeling on the hair and a nice soft after feel on the scalp. These are formulated with a unique blend of three extremely gently surfactants naturally derived from coconuts. Viana Hair Shampoo does not contain SLES, ALES or any harsh surfactant containing sulfates which tends to strip oil and moisture out of the hair and scalp. Viana Hair Solutions are 100% Sulfate Free.
Size: 300ml

Conditioner: Promotes conditioning, reduce tangling for easier wet and dry combing.
Size: 300ml

Leave On Serum: The leave on serums provide continuous nourishment and purification to hair and scalp from one hair wash until the next.
Size: 100ml

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Sachini Umesha
Results of Viana Anti-dandruff Hair Care Bundle

Before two three months, I ruined my hair by using some hair care products from a local brand. And then, to fix my hair, I simply used Viana anti-dandruff shampoo and hair thickening and volumizing conditioner. Thanks to those products, I cured all my hair problems. When I go somewhere, people say that my hair looks beautiful. I can't express how happy I am to hear those compliments. Because of those hair care products, my hair is growing super healthy and long. This time I brought anti-dandruff hair care bundle. And it works really well on my hair. I tried hair training for two weeks, and it caused me severe dandruff issues. Within two washes, it totally controlled the dandruff on my scalp. As a loyal customer, I'm so thankful for those who gave us these quality hair care products. I'm really in love with your products.My all-time favorite hair care supplier is Viana.❤🌿

Kasunika Hulangamuwa
Viana pre shampoo shampoo and leave on serum

I bought viana pre shampoo and leave on serum it's amazing happy with my purchase this my second time trying these products.. it's recommended..

Anti Dandruff & Purifying

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Tharushi W.
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