Hair Thickening & Volumizing

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Promotes hair growth and reduce hair loss Hair Thickening & Volumizing

Normal to oily hair, Thinning, Limp Flyaway hair, Hair falling scalps, Frizzy hair, Split End hair, Dull hair

Anti hair loss, Volumizing, Anti inflammatory, Anti oxidant, Anti microbial, Anti Dandruff, Moisturizing

Hair Thickening & Volumizing Pre Shampoo

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Hair Thickening & Volumizing Shampoo

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Hair Thickening & Volumizing Conditioner

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Hair Thickening & Volumizing Leave On

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Pre Shampoo: A Soothing treat before you shampoo with nourishing & moisturizing natural actives & oil
blend to promote healthy scalp & hair.
Size: 100ml

Shampoo: Viana Hair shampoos extends an ultra mild non drying efficient cleanse. Leaving a luxurious silky feeling on the hair and a nice soft after feel on the scalp. These are formulated with a unique blend of three extremely gently surfactants naturally derived from coconuts. Viana Hair Shampoo does not contain SLES, ALES or any harsh surfactant containing sulfates which tends to strip oil and moisture out of the hair and scalp. Viana Hair Solutions are 100% Sulfate Free.
Size: 300ml

Conditioner: Promotes conditioning, reduce tangling for easier wet and dry combing.
Size: 300ml

Leave On Serum: The leave on serums provide continuous nourishment and purification to hair and scalp from one hair wash until the next.
Size: 100ml

Customer Reviews

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Hair Thickening & Volumizing Range

I've been suffering from excessive hair loss. Tried so many products from oils to hair creams, expensive treatments, etc. I started using the "Hair Thickening & Volumizing" range in October 2023 and I honestly can't believe how much my hair has grown and my hairfall has drastically reduced. This is the only product that stopped me from going BALD. ❤️ hats off to the product team for developing such amazing products!

Maleesha Nissanka

I have no words to thank Viana for inventing such a great products 😭❤️This is the best!! I love your hair leave on serum it helps to keep my hair fresh. This shampoo & conditioner worked well for me. It doesn't dry my hair. I'm gonna be your forever customer 💕Thank you so much Viana cosmetics

Tharaka Dissanayake
Hair growth and anri hair loss pre-shampoo treatment helps to increase my hair thickness

This is the best hair growth treatment to ones who suffer from hairloss. It Increase hair growth rate and helps to eliminate dandruff. I always looking for this hair growth and anti hair pre shampoo treatment, but it is always out of stock. I wish it will never get out of stock never again.please viana cosmetics please never make it out of stock again .thanks viana cosmetics.

Sachini Umesha
Results of hair tthickening and volumizing hair care bundle

the best shampoo ever.❤️❤️ I had used different kinds of shampoos. but it all made my hair get worse and worse.😣💔 I had used Viana shampoo for several months before, and it gave my hair so many benefits.Unfortunately, because of the price increase, I switched to another brand.😕So my hair got super dry, which caused product buildups, dandruff, hair fall, and an itchy scalp.😩 So I decided to purchase my Viana hair care products again. I brought pre-shampoo, shampoo, and conditioner. and the goods were received within two days.👍🛍️ After using those products for two weeks, they controlled my scalp conditions and hair loss. and now my hair is recovering from those worst hair days.😍❤️ I'm really happy with these results and am not going to switch these awesome products for any others.Thank you, Viana. I'm in love with your products and love the fragrance of this product.❤️🌿

Pasindu Jayakody
Hair thickening & Volumizing.

Superb product❤
I had dandruff and hair fall for 10 years. I used various brands and various products to cure. But no one can help me either cure or control dandruff and hair fall. But amazingly Viana could do it, now my hair fall is cured when I used this at the very first time. Also my dandruff controlled surprisingly. As a Sri Lankan product, I appreciate your effort to solve many hair problems with you best products.
Great product I've ever seen💖
Thank you viana❤
Love you viana😘