Viana Natural Coconut Oil

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Extra Moisturizing


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Face & Body

1. It helps to keep skin smooth and soft.
2. Can be used as a natural and moisturizing makeup remover.
3. Treats acne scars.
4. Treats dullness, eczema and dry-flaky skin.
5. Can be used as a massage oil.


1. Nourishes the hair roots, scalp and helps to strengthen hair.
2. Penetrates deep inside hair to strengthen from with-in and provides great conditioning.
3. Makes hair flexible and waterproof to protect hair from breakage and to promote growth.
4. Repairs damaged hair including chemically treated hair.
5. Improves hair shine and deepens hair colour.
6. Strengthens and revitalizes dull hair.
7. Makes hair ready for styling.
8. Repairs split ends and controls frizz.


Apply a dew drops to dry hair and scalp or affected skin areas or else mix with any other Viana Natural Oil and apply. Massage gently in circular motions then leave on for half an hour or overnight and rinse off.

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